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Be a Peacebuilder

12 minutes (United Religions Initiative, 2004). This promotional video is a quick way to experience the relevance of URI in the world today. Its theme is, “Religiously Motivated Violence Can End – Be a Peacebuilder!”

Delicious Peace The Movie

(JEMGLO, 2009). Living in the lingering wake of the Idi Amin regime of terror and intolerance, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Ugandan coffee farmers challenged historical and economic hurdles by forming “Delicious Peace” Cooperative, a Cooperation Circle of URI. Their mission was to build harmonious relationships and economic development, and they are succeeding. Partnering with a Fair Trade US roaster, the farmers’ standard of living is improving, peace is flourishing, and their messages of peace and fair wages are spreading to their coffee customers in the US. Directed by Curt Fissel.

Desmond Tutu's Message to Activists: Good Will Prevail

2 minutes (The Elders, 2009). Desmond Tutu shares his words of encouragement for those fighting for what they believe to be right, and his belief that all people are fundamentally good.

Encounter Point

85 minutes (Just Vision, 2006). From the Producer: Encounter Point is an feature documentary film that follows a former Israeli settler, a Palestinian ex-prisoner, a bereaved Israeli mother and a wounded Palestinian bereaved brother who risk their lives and public standing to promote a nonviolent end to the conflict. Their journeys lead them to the unlikeliest places to confront hatred within their communities. The film explores what drives them and thousands of other like-minded civilians to overcome anger and grief to work for grassroots solutions. It is a film about the everyday leaders in our midst. Watch the trailer below.

Everest: A Climb for Peace

63 minutes (The Everest Peace Project, 2007). Directed by Lance Trumbull & Produced by Billy Marchese and Lance Trumbull. From The Everest Peace Project: Narrated by Orlando Bloom and hailed as a "tremendous achievement" by the Dalai Lama. Everest: A Climb for Peace is not just a typical Everest film, but a socially relevant documentary about peace, war, and the human spirit - an inspirational film, which also has some of the most incredible Everest footage ever shot, including a dramatic rescue from near the summit of Everest. Check out the trailer below.

Faith into Action: A Moral Imagination Conversation

11 minutes (Catalyst for Peace, 2008). Charles Gibbs, Libby Hoffman, and John Paul Lederach discuss how MI supports URI in practice and philosophy. Set in Gulu, Uganda. Directed by Sara Terry.

Fambul Tok

Directed by Sara Terry; Transmedia Project: Libby Hoffman. Fambul Tok tells the story of healing in post-conflict Sierra Leone.Victims and perpetrators of Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war come together for the first time in an unprecedented program of tradition-based truth-telling and forgiveness ceremonies. Through reviving their ancient practice of fambul tok (family talk), Sierra Leoneans are building sustainable peace at the grass-roots level – succeeding where the international community’s post-conflict efforts failed. Filled with lessons for the West, this film explores the depths of a culture that believes that true justice lies in redemption and healing for individuals – and that forgiveness is the surest path to restoring dignity and building strong communities. (Catalyst for Peace, 2010).



12 minutes (Luna Media, 2005). Directed by Catherine Margerin & Produced by Mary Mathaisell. From Luna Media: Hope is a unique and powerful short film with a message of peace for the future. Using traditions and stories from Native American and world cultures, the film combines dreams, images and reminiscences from our collective memory to send a message of hope for the future, and takes the viewer on a fascinating journey through human existence through the knowledge and ideas of Willy Whitefeather, a man in his sixties of Cherokee ancestry, a fascinating storyteller, healer, survivalist and an individual of wisdom and heart.

Moral Imagination Pilot Presentation at Global Assembly 2008

31 minutes (United Religions Initiative, 2008). How the Moral Imagination Pilot Training affected and is being used by the participants. Directed by Ashley Young.

The Power of Forgiveness

78 minutes (Journey Films, 2008). The Power of Forgiveness explores the challenges and reveals how forgiveness can transform your life, exploring recent research into the psychological and physical effects of forgiveness on individuals and within relationships under a wide variety of conditions and translates it into a popular, accessible documentary film for national public television. This includes feature stories on the Amish, the 9/11 tragedy and peace-building in Northern Ireland, along with interviews with renowned Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, best-selling authors Thomas Moore and Marianne Williamson and others. Through character-driven stories the film shows the role forgiveness can play in alleviating anger and grief and the physical, mental and spiritual benefits that come with it.

Trip to a Local Mosque: Terrorism and Peace in Kashmir

This short video shares an interfaith dialogue between two URI young leaders from Kashmir and Australia discussing the interreligious violence taking place there. This video was taken during the URI Young Leaders Program in Mayapur, India, November 2008, at a visit to a local mosque where youth talked with local Muslim leaders to learn more about Islam. Filmed & Edited by Ashley Young, Some Day Fire Productions.

We Build the Road. The Road Builds Us. A Story of Shramadana in Nepal.

7 minutes (Sarvodaya Nepal, 2009). In 1958, a group of students in Sri Lanka led by their teacher A.T. Ariyaratne went to a small, rural village of untouchables. They worked with villagers, shared meal, sang and danced. They built schools, houses and toilets. They called their program shramadana (gift of labor). The camp led to the national movement in Sri Lanka and the formation of Sarvodaya Movement, which now reaches 15,000 communities. Today, Sarvodaya's non-violent and spiritually based community development program is considered one of the best development models in the world. Last month, a group of students in Nepal went to small village. They worked with the villagers to fix the only village trail that was difficult to walk. While at the village, students begged for food, cooked, dug on steep slopes and fixed a portion of the trail. The villagers gave rice, potatoes, vegetables and their own labor. It took five hours to fix the most difficult portion of the trail that was constructed 30 years back. The process was both constructive and awakening. The total expense was less than $40 to hire a bus for the day.

Young Leader Sage DiPalma: Peace Jam and A Billion Simple Acts for Peace

A short video interview with young leader Sage DiPalma, who shares about her work with Peace Jam and a Billion Simple Acts for Peace. Filmed during the URI Young Leaders Program in India, 2008, by Ashley Young - URI Documentation Team 2008.

Young Leader Shumaila Bhatti from Lahore, Pakistan, Founder of Youth Peace Revolution

A short video interview with youth organizer Shumaila Bhatti, from Lahore, Pakistan, who is the founder of a URI CC called Youth Peace Revolution. Filmed during the URI Young Leaders Program in India, 2008, by Ashley Young - URI Documentation Team 2008.

Young Leaders Sujan Bishwokarma & Ram Bhandari from Nepal

A short video intervew with young leaders Sujan Biswokarma and Ram Bhandari from Nepal, who belong to the Youth Society for Peace, also a URI Cooperation Circle. Filmed during the URI Young Leaders Program in India, 2008, by Ashley Young - URI Documentation Team 2008.