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Ambassadors of Love, Arts and Peace - ALAAP

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Purpose: To promote a culture of peaceful coexistence in Pakistan.

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7 Members

Traditions: Islam, Christian, Hindu

Action Area: Community Building, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: Asia

Website: http://www.alaap.com.pk

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Background: Alaap was formed as a volunteer initiative by a group of artists, research workers, and human rights activists. It was created as a research-based cultural and interfaith organization against a backdrop of rising religious extremism and socio-political violence in the society of Pakistan. Alaap was created in response to the depleting cultural diversity of Pakistan. The research areas of Alaap mainly emphasise cultural diversity. Activities: Alaap works in the following areas: Advocacy through social interaction. This is a focused intervention to bridge the gulf between different religious and cultural communities living in Pakistan. Annual events bring families of different religions under one roof. They read their specific scriptures, share music and dine together. For the first time in the history of Lahore, five communities celebrated their religious festivals collectively as a part of the above-mentioned activities of Alaap. Peace Campaign through Young Artists' Rejuvenation (PYAR). It started with the Interfaith calendar, the first ever initiative of its kind in the history of Pakistan. Following the calendar, Alaap held three cultural events inviting people of different identities to debate on papers which were presented during the events. The papers, written by renowned writers and intellectuals, explored the historic relation of Pakistani arts with peoples' struggle for peace and rights. This initiative is intended to develop a network of young artists in colleges and universities (and slum localities) of Lahore. Alaap is building its youth membership. Members will come together and be educated through dialoguing with one another, attending seminars, workshops, special visits, film showings, training and other events. Written materials will also be made available. The project of conducting training has been funded by the Norwegian Human Rights Fund. The one-year training program will select a group of 25-30 young artists to be trained in the theme of human rights and, values particularly on the right to life, minority rights, equal right to cultural growth, civil and political rights etc. The research section of Alaap has three aspects. The first focuses on peace and Sufism; the second is about the communities of Lahore; and third is a community profile of the Bahar Colony of Lahore, one of the oldest Christian localities of Lahore. Alaap is closely linked with the social and Human Rights organizations and literary/artistic forums. Alaap is also closely linked with Janniesses Musicales International (JMI), which is the world largest network of the organizations working on youth and music.

VALUE: Create a world full of respect, love and space for all the different identities of the world

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Mr. Aftah Javed

Alaap- Flat-8 First floor, Salim complex
Q-Block, Model Town

(92) 42-840-4430

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