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The Big Brother Society-BBS

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Mentorship is our passion! 

The Big Brother Society-BBS
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17 Members

Traditions: Christian, Islam, African Traditional

Action Area: Community Building, Education, Youth

Region: Africa

Website: http://bigbrothersociety.org

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The Big Brother Society is an organization that is comprised of former students of Starehe schools in Nairobi. A group of alumni of the two national schools formed this group with the purpose of mentoring voluntary service in Kenyan schools, both for primary and secondary students. Although there is a good representation of different religious groups in the area where the Big Brother Sociey is working, intolerance based on ethnicity and religious affiliation also exists. In schools, some teachers do not have a good understanding of how to mentor their students against such vices, hence making the problem worse. People in Kenya are generally kind to each other but politicians promote divisions for their own benefits. Relationships between different religious groups is fairly good but based on recent happenings, fear is developing between Christians and Muslims. CC members want to contribute to end this violence and restore mentoring better relationships.  In 2008, there was a wave of unrest in secondary schools in different parts of Kenya. These cases caused a lot of disturbance in the education sector and led to the destruction of school property. As a result, the idea of starting a mentorship program to offer guidance and counseling for students in schools was developed. It is also a way of giving back to the society. In Starehe, they were taught to “in time to come…enable others enjoy the same advantage.” So CC members want to give back to the society and ensure that dreams of access to an education are realized. Starehe is known for Holistic education: it strives for the education of the whole person, besides academics. So during their visits to schools and institutions, they offer lectures and workshops about leadership training for prefects and student leaders, time management, stress management, effective study skills, balancing between academics and extra-curriculum activities, purposeful living, unlocking one’s potential, self awareness, the making of a brand, the small things in life, communication skills, career guidance and counseling, laws of success as a student and life after school. Responses have been overwhelming and that serves as their motivation. It is the satisfaction they get as a result of making a difference in the lives of others, in otheir own way that keeps them moving forward.

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We mentor young boys and girls to foster a more inclusive and peaceful generation of Kenyan students.

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Special Envoy Dickson Ndungu Maina

Kijabe Street
P.o Box 69400-0040010


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