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Cameroon Network for Humanitarian Service - CAMNEHUS

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Transform the lives of young people holistically by demonstrating the unconditional love to become effective for their communities

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12 Members

Traditions: Christian Presbyterian , Christian Baptist, Christian Catholic , Islam See All

Action Area: Education, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Poverty Alleviation/Economic Opportunity, Women, Youth

Region: Africa

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Cameroon Network for Humanitarian Service is a Yaounde, Cameroon-based NGO dedicated to the promotion of peace and justice, including the elimination of all forms of discrimination against human beings.

The Cameroon Network for Humanitarian Services (CAMNEHS) is a voluntary, humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-partisan association that works with children, women and youth of Cameroon to holistically address issues affecting their livelihood.

To achieve their goals, members conduct periodic skills/vocational training activities, educational awareness activities, HIV/Reproductive Health Campaigns and humanitarian interventions, etc.

Their plan for the future is to improve on interfaith engagement by connecting young people from diverse faith communities, such as Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, and non-believers, to develop mutual understanding and respect while also deepening their own religious identity and commitments. They plan to run projects that go beyond tolerance toward mutual respect. They will help young people learn to lead in a religiously diverse society. They will invite young people to be honest and open about their own beliefs, questions, and religious identity. They will organize exchange visits to foster their shared values and commitments to the common good.

VALUE: We believe in mutual respect and equity and justice.

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Mr. Joanes Toulac Jang

Mile 13 Road Santa
North West Region
P.O Box 25

(237) 674726007

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