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Dialogue Center - Bulgaria

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11 Members

Traditions: Christian Orthodox, Eastern , Christian Protestant , Islam

Action Area: Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: Europe

Label: Purpose & Activities

Dialogue Center Bulgaria has been registered in Plovdiv’s City Court as a non-governmental organization since 1998 and includes like-minded people of different religious and ethnic origins. Their main goal is to promote dialogue in Bulgaria in the long and costly period of transition after the fall of the totalitarian regime and 45 years of atheistic indoctrination. The group is formed by members coming from different religious and spiritual backgrounds such as Eastern Orthodox Christian, Protestant Christian and Muslim. They have organized lot of activities in the late 1990s, mainly through religious and spiritual education and cultural events, also throgh printed and electronic media. Their most remarkable activities are the religious lectures on the culture of dialogue and tolerance produced for the Bulgarian National Television in a specialized program for deaf-mute and hard of hearing people with subtitles. During the last few years, they have regular monthly participation in a radio program on the Bulgarian National Radio from the studio in Plovdiv in regard of the various religious traditions and historic momentums where the power of the civil society is witnessed through religions.

Dialogue, tolerance and religious freedom in a post totalitarian Bulgaria

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Hierodeacon Petar G. Gramatikov

Boul “Princess María Luiza 34 – floor 6

359 888557732

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