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Traditions: Buddhist, Christian, Islam Muslim Sufi , Spiritualist

Action Area: Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Women

Region: Africa


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Gilvah represents a bridge between a corporate/professional organization and an organic, dynamic new type of organization born out of a consciousness that speaks to our human need to live life outwardly, generously and mindfully. Gilvah is an organization for women, by women. is a web portal that is designed to connect women with the professional advice they seek at a time and place convenient to them. It also gives professional women a secure, virtual office which they can work from at a time and place of their own choosing. In short, it creates a win-win situation for women who are traditionally time-poor, overburdened with responsibilities, or constrained by family or other commitments. This group is looking for places to make a difference, not only in the way business is done between people who offer services and those who need them, but also in the way business partners with projects. They are looking for women’s projects that they can support both materially and morally. Gilvah is looking for ways to empower, uplift and inspire women at every level and at every age. Women are invited to step up, take control of their lives and unite because we can. Women may have a dream of a peaceful, equitable world but unless real action is taken, the dream will remain just an idea someone once had. So this CC is looking for ways to make a difference and they believe that through their network they can generate the awareness, compassion and action that can truly change the world in spite of itself.

Connecting women with professionals in a safe, convenient environment, inspirational networking

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Gisa Ellis

100 Coral Grove, Royal Ascot,
Cape Town
South Africa


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