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Traditions: Baha’i, Christian Catholic, Roman , Christian Lutheran  See All

Action Area: Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, World Interfaith Harmony Week, International Day of Peace

Region: Europe


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URI Lienz, located in Lienz, Austria unites Muslims, Catholics, Baha’is, Orthodox, Protestants.  The town has seen an increase in immigration from Africa and Asia with these new immigrants bringing their diverse traditions and religious practices.  URI Lienz organizes various exhibitions on world religions, constructs interfaith prayers, and provides resources and support for refugees. URI Lienz work in Austria is helping to bridge important differences between locals and diverse groups in the area.  

We want every individual throughout the world to be aware of and to fulfill the Golden Rule.

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Winfried Wenninger

Goerzerstrasse 5

(43) 650-451-0655

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