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Lilongwe Central Cooperation

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11 Members

Traditions: African Traditional, Christian, Islam

Action Area: Health and Social Services, Youth

Region: Africa

Website: https://www.facebook.com/www.lccc.org/

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Aiming to have a well matured society formed by responsible citizens, Liliongwe Central Cooperation looks to find homes for street kids and mentor them until they become strong, productive citizens. Their hope for the future is to help build a better nation for everybody. This might seem like an immense task, but CC members believe that by working together, little by little and with the goal of improving the nation, they can make a change. They have set up meetings with city and health authorities. Already orphanages have been located, homes found, and the wheels put in motion to establish a program to guide these “lost” children into productive adulthood. 

Reallocating street kids to their newly found homes.

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Geoffrey Mannaseh

Liliongwe (Central)

265 0995 587261

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July 18, 2017 11:23 AM

Youth in Trouble: Support, Don’t Punish

Our Cooperation Circle, in partnership with Women Coalition Against Cancer, held a “Support, Don’t Punish” campaign to urge a more supportive approach to solving the youth drug abuse problem in Malawi.


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