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The Nkhata Bay youth range in age from 15 to 28 years. Although their schooling has been excellent under their circumstances, there is very little access to further education once they finish school. Most of the members of the CC founding group has finished high school. They are going out into the fields, harvesting beans and other crops, helping to tend the small farming enterprises of their parents, they have dreams for a different future though looking forward to continue with university studies, but no immediate hope of achieving that ambition. The concept of the CC is one thing that has given them purpose and the  hope of creating a more positive future and making a difference. They realize that, when they work for the community in this selfless way, their lives matter and that they have impact. The social impact of URI in this situation is immeasurable, far-reaching and priceless.

They have sustained a pace, grown their group and impacted on their environment and community. Among their most memorable actions they share the sanitation cleanup at the hospital and the cleaning at the prison when they gave the prisoners soap and food. They are looking forward to continue to clean the hospital and the local market place. This month they will also dug a pit latrine at the market place. 

Care and cleanliness of the environment

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Nkhata Bay

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June 5, 2017 1:28 PM

Nkhata Bay CC Addresses Environmental Issues

Young leaders from Nkhata Bay CC in Malawi update the network on their strategies for addressing environmental issues in their community. 


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Nkhata Bay