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Science Poetry Bangladesh -SPB

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17 Members

Traditions: Buddhist, Hindu, Islam

Action Area: Arts, Environment, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Youth

Region: Asia

Label: Purpose & Activities

This is a group of like-minded science centric poets coming from different spiritual and cultural backgrounds from all over Bangladesh. They established Science Poetry Bangladesh (SPB) at the beginning of 1988 and since then they have organized quite a good number of activities such as celebration of International inter-religions Harmony Week, activities for Rally and seminars for the youths about reconciliation and forgiveness. They are striving to have empowered young people who will be initiators of positive changes and will create better future through building society of equal opportunities without prejudices. The present situation in Bangladesh is very conflicted especially religious sentiment of the people is fragile/ vulnerable. In this situation it is important to connect people with their inner beauty, love, and so practice the expression of love. Their work is specially oriented to youth because there is  need to harness the energies of young people in interfaith bridge building, They have experienced that young people meet and greet each other with no boundaries of faith and traditions, even though they each represent a great diversity of faith. 

Motivating young writers and poets for social peace building.

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Hasnain Sajjadi

9/3, Salimullah Road, Mohammadpur Apartment: 4th Floor


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