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Spiritual Revival-Bulgaria Union

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22 Members

Traditions: Christian Catholic , Christian Orthodox, Eastern , Christian Protestant  See All

Action Area: Community Building, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: Europe

Website: http://www.iskri.net/sianie/

Label: Purpose & Activities

Spiritual Revival was created to contribute to the promotion of the spiritual culture and religious traditions at a regional and national level. Media has been their tool since they started in 1992, with a printed weekly newspaper called Sianie which is from 2010 distributed electronically. Their rationale is that people with a common vision and common goals can form a group of like-minded people and to work together for a better future. “Under one roof, in one home Bulgaria, let us give a hand to one another” was one of their projects in the past (1995-1998).  At this moment they are developing an “International Forum” – a gathering of people from the East and West in a forum so that, together, they address problems of diversity, tolerance, unity, etc. Their current activities include an electronic media newspaper “Sianie (Radiance)” for religion, philosophy, science ;http://www.iskri.net/sianie/ (from 2010). Their slogan is “Peace, Freedom, and Unity. Forward into the New Time”. They are working with all minority groups to overcome differences and to live in peace through an online platform; https://www.facebook.com/groups/1410277435897556/?fref=ts. They also organize concerts, open air performances and regional competitions.   


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Spiritual enlightement of the Bulgarian

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Mrs. Mariyka Niklova Gerasova

Lolhus 1 “A” Floor 12

359 89896997080

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