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Procesbegeleidersgroep Samenwerkingsverband Traumahulpverlen (STNL) CC

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15 Members

Traditions: Christian Catholic, Roman , Christian Catholic , Christian Protestant  See All

Action Area: Community Building

Region: Europe

Website: http://www.unitedreligionsinitiative.nl

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Our purpose is to offer additional help to people, animals, nature and environment after big calamities.

Our CC has been involved in many activities such as workshops held with experts on subjects such as responding during floods/inundations, dealing with a radio-active cloud, counseling for dying people and souls of people who just died, and healing the earth and nature after a disaster.

We dream of awakening and strengthening true spiritual life in human beings and so contributing to greater resistance in times of despair and empowering them to be able to help themselves after a big calamity.

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