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60 Members

Traditions: Christian, Indigenous African , Islam

Action Area: Health and Social Services, Women, Youth

Region: Africa

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Vision Young Mothers (VYM) CC works in the impoverished community of Kibera within Nairobi, Kenya. Their membership consists of over sixty Muslim and Christian women from various ethnic groups. Kibera has historically been a hotbed for political and religious violence, but thanks to the efforts of VYM and other peace-building organizations, the community has been more peaceful and cooperative. The members of VYM act as mentors and ambassadors for interfaith peace in their communities by offering mentorship and presentations in schools to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and family planning. They also focus on building strong relationships within the group through economic empowerment programs and by encouraging members to participate in each other’s religious events and traditions. 

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We work to minimize the number of vulnerable girls and young mothers in the community through education and awareness programs.

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Miss Aziza Mohamed Ahmed


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