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PURPOSE: To promote peace and coexistence and dedicating our religious diversities to serve humanity

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9 Members

Traditions: Islam Muslim Kurdish, Islam Muslim Shi’a , Islam Muslim Shiite , Christian

Action Area: Community Building, Environment, Indigenous Peoples, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Women, Youth

Region: Middle East and North Africa

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Youth for New World is working on enhancing the peaceful coexistence among followers of different religions and ethnic groups in Iraq, particularly in the Kurdistan region in North Iraq. Iraq is passing through a difficult time. Sectarian tension is increasing rapidly, minorities are suffering and many people were displaced. Hence, there is a need to build bridges and trust between followers of different religions and to promote inclusion to combat religiously-motivated violence and protect human rights.

This group is very well prepared because it is comprised by diverse members coming from different religious, cultural and ethical backgrounds in Kurdistan and Iraq. Members enjoy many years of experience in peace-building and human rights. They have been part of the "We Are All Citizens" initiative, Future Conferences (18 conferences held in 18 Iraqi provinces), the No for Terrorism Marathon (in Basra 2012), and many other peace-building and human rights conferences, as well as several awareness campaigns that promote coexistence and minorities' rights, and a number of activities that support the displaced people in Iraq.

VALUE: Accept each other, hear each other, openness to others. love each other and support each other if it was right

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Mr. Asad Hammed Majed

Salim Street Building 14

(964) 7702655729

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