URI Kids - Activities

Traditional Learning:
What is the United Religions Initiative?

To help students learn about the United Religions Initiative both for the purpose of providing students with an innovative model for doing global good and/or for the purpose of exploring involvement in the organization

The background information titled Learning More about the URI: backgropund Information and Charter (found on the web site and in the hard copy manual.) The leader should read this information carefully and determine how to present the information (or parts of the information) to the particular group of students they are working with. The ideas will need to be simplified and/or interpreted for students below high school age.

The Lesson:
This depends on the age group but here are some basic suggestions.

Have students write a reflection in their learning logs or as a stand alone on what they think of the United Religions Initiative and what they think the challenges of such an organization would be. Have students share their thoughts with the group.

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