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October 17, 2016, 7:10 PM

A Testimony of URI's Powers of Reconciliation

A Testimony of URI's Powers of Reconciliation

All the delegates of the URI Sri Lanka Assembly were visiting various communities in and around Badulla. Badulla Cooperation Circle were the organisers of the third National Assembly.

First, we visited a Buddhist School in Veerapura and planted hundreds of trees in their school compound. It has been six months since it rained in Sri Lanka. 

Our second stop was at the big mosque in the city of Badulla, where the chief Imam addressed us. In these photos, we are inside the big mosque in Badulla City in Sri Lanka, where we are listening to a great testimony about the role of URI in creating peace during a tense situation:

During the thirty-year war in Sri Lanka, and even after that, there was intense tension and there were conflicts between the Muslims and Sinhalese in many places. But none of this tension or conflict affected the city of Badulla, because the members of URI in both the Muslim and Sinhalese communities came forward to resolve issues then and there, rather than resort to violence. Badulla was an exception and remained an exemplary example of a peaceful city, only because of the strong presence of URI.


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