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June 26, 2017, 9:15 AM

The Weekly Shot - Happy 17th Anniversary

The Weekly Shot - Happy 17th Anniversary

On June 26, we celebrate the 17th anniversary of URI’s Charter signing. These first seventeen years have brought exciting challenges and successes as URI members have formed friendships and connections across boundaries, breaking down stereotypes and improving countless lives in communities around the world. The URI community celebrates this occasion and looks with hopeful eyes towards the future.

“I give thanks to God for the instinct toward peace that motivates nations and religions to labor for the common good and to find a larger family among diverse peoples.” - The Right Rev. William E. Swing, URI President and Founding Trustee, in his speech at URI’s 15th anniversary. 

“Today, we celebrate the original vision that led to the founding of the United Religions Initiative, this extraordinary global grassroots interfaith movement spanning 85 [edit: this number is now 102!] countries that I have the honor of directing...It has been so inspiring to witness the work of countless numbers of community activists forging bonds of alliance across lines of difference and forming powerful coalitions to create change in their communities, to build interfaith partnerships and address the root causes of conflict.” - The Rev. Victor H. Kazanjian, Jr., URI Executive Director, in his speech at URI’s 15th anniversary.

“While the forces of division, hatred and violence seem to be spreading daily, on this great day I urge URI’s members to renew their commitment to the work of interfaith cooperation and in the belief that the power of love, peace, justice and healing will ultimately prevail.” - Anniversary statement from the Rev. Canon Charles P. Gibbs, Founding Executive Director Emeritus.

Thank you to all the Cooperation Circle members, Global Trustees, Regional and Global Staff, President's Council, and donors who have supported URI's mission throughout these 17 years. You have played a vital role in URI's success and have enabled URI to become the largest interfaith grassroots NGO. Today June 26, 2017, thanks to you, we stand at 866 Cooperation Circles in 102 countries.

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