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August 31, 2017, 11:56 PM

International Day of Peace 2017

International Day of Peace 2017

Photo from Contemplative Life's Peace Day celebration

Events are taking place around the world. Add yours here!

See a small summary of how the URI community throughout the world is celebrating the International Day of Peace 2017 - and stay tuned for a full update on our new website this fall!

COOPERATION CIRCLE: URI at the United Nations

LOCATION: Aston, Philadelphia, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Transition Town Media's Heart & Soul group will be hosting a labyrinth walk and meditation on the beautiful grounds of the Franciscan Spiritual Center.


LOCATION: California, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Live Stream for 21 days on Social Media from Sept 1st to Sept 21 on Inner Peace to Global Peace
Live Stream_ Inner Peace to Global Peace

I will be covering: "If there is peace in the person, there will be peace in the family, and if there is peace in the family, there will be peace in the home. If there is peace in the home, there will be peace in the community. If there is peace it the community, there will be peace in the country. And if there is peace in the country, there will be peace in the world."

  • What is Peace?
  • What is Inner Peace?
  • Cause of no peace? 
  • How to attain Inner Peace?
  • 7 Steps to attain Inner Peace
  • How to spread Peace to others?
  • How to spread Peace in the universe?  

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Nashville Cooperation Circle @ Scarritt Bennett Center

LOCATION: Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: "URI Nashville Cooperation Circle in support of the International Day of Peace, will co-host an interfaith city-wide service of worship at Scarritt Bennett Center on September 18, 2017. The theme is Let Us Pray Together for Peace and representatives of eight different faiths will share readings/prayers from their sacred texts or music that speaks to peace in communities and in the world. Committed to building bridges between peoples and transforming hate into hope and we come together to pray for peace as members of the world’s religions.

We will host a reception after worship service. Exhibits about the work of URI Nashville Cooperation Circle*, TN Interfaith Power & Light* and World Wisdom Bible* will be set up in the reception hall. Nashville Cordell Hull Chapter of United Nations Association-USA are promoting the September 18, 2017 event and how they are promoting Sustainable Development Goals.

Go to www.urincc.com to learn about all NCC's Sept 2017 International Prayer Service, how TN Interfaith & Light works with NCC and the World" 


LOCATION: Bokaro, Jharkhand, India

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Everyone need blood for life, that time no one questions if you are Hindu, you are Muslim, you are Sikh or you are Christian. Then everyone’s life goes well, the stomach is full by food and illegal work do they ask questions you are Hindu, you are Muslim, you are Sikh and you are Christian and Hunt. So, our CC organized these programs for the value of peace in every time and everyone. 

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Interfaith Cooperation Circle - Central Virginia

LOCATION: Charlottesville, Virginia, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Various groups will participate in music and leading everyone in songs of peace, drummers, women's choir, church choir, mystics, Sufis, Jewish, all faiths represented. prayers of inspiration, and peace, of course. Also supported by the Charlottesville center for peace and Justice.

COOPERATION CIRCLES: Centre Of Melbourne Multifaith and Others Network, Womens Interfaith Network, Planetary Healing Artists Association of Australia Inc, WIN Foundation (Women’s Interfaith Network) CC

LOCATION: St Kilda, Victoria, Australia

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: One World', art exhibition is dedicated to world peace and will celebrate spirituality, faith and belief. It will explore the common connections between people with diverse beliefs, and promote the idea that by uniting for a common vision of a better world for all, that together we can make a difference. It is our hope that the exhibition will promote greater understanding and compassion in the broader community.

The exhibition will open on UN International Day of Peace, 21st September 2017 and will run until 1st October 2017. At the Opening, we will celebrate UN International Day of Peace with music, food, drinks, entertainment, and different faith keynote presenters speaking on the importance of art in bringing people together for World Peace. We are calling for artworks along these themes in a variety of visual art mediums, representing a diverse range of beliefs and faiths.


LOCATION: Burnpur, Asansol, West Bengal, India

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: We are going to host a quiz contest program in the evening on 21st September at an open public place. Questions would be based on peace and justice especially it would be an awareness program on interfaith bridge-building upholding the PPP of URI.

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Euphrates Cooperation Circle

LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Noon - 1 minute of silence in honor of all across the world working toward peace (see UN initiative)

3-5pm - Outdoor activities on Marsh chapel plaza
5pm - Setup
5: 30 - Welcome and registration begins
6pm - Concert and snacks (Simon de Voil)
6: 30 - Event begins: Opening, welcome, introduction to Euphrates, the Boston chapter, the evening (Susie Jostyn)
6: 40 - Presentation on practical institutional and interpersonal peace making processes (Judith Oleson or Tom Porter from BUSTH RCT program)
7: 00 - Peace Narratives I (Middle East focus, speaker TBD)
7: 20 - Peace Narratives II (Interfaith and interpersonal focus by speaker Simon de Voil)
7: 40 - Breakout groups
8: 20 - Closing, encourage commitment to peacemaking
8: 30pm - Music (Simon de Voil)
9pm - Event over, cleanup

COOPERATION CIRCLE: University of Rochester Interfaith Chapel

LOCATION: Rochester, New York, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Talk by Sheik Ghassan Manasra from the Abrahamic Reunion (URI CC) about how to be peacemakers in times of conflict. The talk will focus on peacemaking generally, using his experience in Israel/Palestine as his case study. There will by Q&A and a reception after the talk so that participants can engage with him. Prior to the talk there will be a small dinner with him and students from the University where he will share with them his experiences in Israel/Palestine. The event is being held on Sept. 11 because Sept. 21 this year is the first day of Rosh Hashanah and so the chapel cannot have other activities that day.

COOPERATION CIRCLE: URI Malawi (All CCs in Malawi)

LOCATION: Mangochi, Malawi

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: "All CCs in Malawi decided to have an nternational day of peace event together in Mangochi where interfaith conflicts occur.

We decided to invite many organisations to join us as we will have speeches dance and testimonial time".

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Regional Office Pakistan

LOCATION: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: A selected group of about 125 religions leaders, promoters of interfaith dialogue and peace, women and youth leaders and human rights activists with gather to speak about the importance of peace in Pakistan and in the world. We will bight the importance of IDP and the great role of UN in this regard. The SDGs will also be emphasized and its impact in our country. 

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Youth Actions in Development (YADA) CC

LOCATION: Blantyre, Malawi

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Girl empowerment for a peaceful Nation

This is an advocacy activity that is being implemented in order to empower Girls in the community.
Girls most on the time in the community are looked down due to cultural, Religion and other factors that makes them be deprived in different ways. The programs seek to give an opportunity for Girls to have a platform to have an interface with opinion leaders, religious leaders, and policymakers, to express their views and ask for their voice to be held in the community and to the policymakers.

The program is subdivided into two categories:
1. Let’s Chart (Ticheze forum) when young people will have time to discuss and present the issues to the leaders.
2. open day; where girl will have fun time, in different activities they would like ranging from childhood plays to athletics

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Think Peace Media and Communications CC

LOCATION: Houston, Texas, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: A taste of generational work at THINK PEACE INTERNATIONAL on September 21, youth from around the city of Houston will participate in a Generational Poetry SLAM. The event is part of a series of generational poets coming together to share TRUTH TO POWER. Elder Poets from the Community, will present poetry that helps us to create respect, safety, and dignity for all.

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Apithan Ministries

LOCATION: Sun City, Arizona, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Rev Ahowan ICrow, of APITHAN Ministries, Ordained Humane Minister and Animal Chaplain will be in Phoenix, Arizona traveling to several destinations to include, but not limited to: a zoo, animal laboratory, dairy farm, rodeo fairground, chicken farm, and slaughterhouse for a spontaneous Peace with all Animals meditation blessing ceremony citing the Golden Rule and tenants referring to the proper treatment of Animals from each Major Religion and/or Culture. Finalizing the day, at a public Wi-Fi destination for an online meditation blessing ceremony with the LIFE Farm Animal Sanctuary in Mapoli, India, where APITHAN is scheduled to begin building the ‘Loving Child Ashram,’ a Homeless Child orphanage for healing with the Homeless Animals.

*((At 6: 00 PM, APITHAN will host “Animal Spirit Drumming” alongside other Animal Chaplains from the Emerson Theological Institute, open to children and a lot of fun! at the Creative Living Fellowship))* APITHAN agrees: “To meditate for world peace, to pray for a better world, and to work for social justice and environmental protection while continuing to purchase the flesh, milk, and eggs of horribly abused animals exposes a disconnect that is so fundamental that it renders our efforts absurd, hypocritical, and doomed to certain failure.” World Peace Diet.


LOCATION: Fresno, California, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Small gatherings from around the country and the world of healers, practicing healing, centered around the moment of silence on IDP. 

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Compassion for All Living Beings

LOCATION: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: In honor of IDP, we will sponsor a “cruelty-free” dinner at the URI Global Leadership gathering in Sarajevo. This meal will honor the teachings of major religions with regards to food preparation and the treatment of animals. Funds will support a brochure featuring the teachings of world religions on this matter, to be distributed in Sarajevo and beyond. Furthermore, this CC plans to launch its new website on September 21 to coincide with the International Day of Peace.


COOPERATION CIRCLE: Contemplative Life

LOCATION: All over the world

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: "Deep and sustained peace calls for deep and sustained practice.

Contemplative Life will create a campaign that we will send out to the thousands of people that support our mission of practice and community. We will notify them about the International Day of Peace and invite them to take action by participating in a morning and evening practice and to reflect on peace throughout the day."

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Global Youth Ambassadors CC

LOCATION: Bulgaria

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: We will gather youth groups, civil society organisations, leaders and representatives from various faith communities. We will all sit down, have our spiritual opening moment, a discussion how to celebrate peace together, across cultures and beliefs. At a point, we will make teleconferencing with the other participating countries to share the outcomes of each local meeting. We will bring people together, establish new cooperation, commemorate the international peace day and inform everyone about the URI community.

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Global Youth Movement (GYM)

LOCATION: Kerala, India

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: As part of the IDP celebration on Sep 21, we plan to conduct a peace procession (peace rally) by accommodating youths of Schools and Colleges and to spread awareness about IDP, URI etc. We also plan to conduct seminar on Peace, Sustainable Development Goals and about Life-skills etc. We have planned to conduct a visit to Old Age and Child homes and to present them simple Resource kits as this year’s theme for IDP is “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All’’. We found this as a golden opportunity provided by URI.

(Other description: Peace Rally with children from 5-6 local schools related to the CC on IDP itself or a nearby day. We'll have costumes of peacebuilders from around the world, music groups singing peace songs, each part of the rally will be related to peace. We will walk from one city to the next nearby village and then come back to the school. Then a seminar on peacebuilding tactics, for one whole day with 4 sessions: 1) tactics, 2) theories, 3) video session of violence and how different groups are responding [i.e. Iraq], 4) Nuclear weapons abolition)

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk CC, Hidden Seeds, NOWTIME Radio

LOCATION: Dothan, Alabama, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: We will be planting a peace pole, and meditating around the newly planted pole.

COOPERATION CIRCLE: WIN-URI (Women's Interfaith Network of the URI)

LOCATION: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: TENTATIVE: Current plan is a Friday morning WIN-URI flag ceremony celebration of IDP at the URI Leadership Gathering in Sarajevo. This may change.


LOCATION: Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Playing off of I AM exhibit in Washington DC, we plan to do a social media campaign related to the International Day of Peace. The Exhibit is based at the American University Museum.

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Chaplaincy Institute

LOCATION: Berkeley, California, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: There will be three spiritual directors who receive their certificates of completion, and five interfaith seminaries who are being ordained as interfaith clergy. All 8 are called to be religious leaders and spiritual care providers, taking a vow to bring peace and sustainability to the world. 

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk CC, Hidden Seeds, NOWTIME Radio

LOCATION: Dothan, Alabama, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: We will walk together, culminating in Poplar Head community park.

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Global Family for Love and Peace

LOCATION: New York, New York, United States of America



LOCATION: Bangalore, India        

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: The event will be aimed at creating awareness about the International Day Of Peace and the participants will enjoy an evening of soulful music and soft melodies. We will culminate the event in a peace meditation where the participants will be guided to pray for love, peace and harmony in the world. The event will be conducted by Aribijay Bhaumik (a local musician and meditation teacher) and his group. We will invite around 75-100 people to participate in this event and will provide light refreshments at the end of the event. 

There will be a 5-day yoga camp for 5000 teenage children at an orphanage an hour away from Bangalore. We will have around 20 volunteers to help us with the successful completion of the camp. Yoga will be used as therapy as well as a transformational tool in the lives of these children. We are aiming to inculcate leadership qualities in these children during the process. We will teach the children basic asanas and pranayam to help them cope with anxiety and anger that teenagers face in this phase. The yoga sessions, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation should help the children feel calm and at peace. 

COOPERATION CIRCLE: The Interfaith Observer

LOCATION: Around the word        

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: TIO will be republishing Bill Swing's latest challenge to get behind the ending of nukes as a way of celebrating this year's IDP.


LOCATION: TBD? Syrian Refugee Camp

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: (Draft) Global synchronized interfaith prayer, sunset, Sept 24, 7:30pm Syria from inside refugee camp.


LOCATION: Dothan, Alabama, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Joining in the event: We will be planting a peace pole, and meditating around the newly planted pole. 


LOCATION: all cities and places all over our planet

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: "Mother Earth calls to us: “Pray in SYNC“ 

The “Planet of Life,” as living Mega-entity named here as “our Mother’s Earth “looks for WE-Enlightenment. Now this becomes real: Every human, who wants takes part in “Sync” meditations, prayers etc., tunes aware her/his focus of familiar observation to the first-quarter in chosen hour UTC once a day (or more). The Global Heart pulses hourly. The Golden Rule brings to the mutual respect to other traditions. The Plan for 2017-IDP is to herald the launching of: “Pray in Sync“ in Fall 2018.

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Theme: SACRED ACTIVISM: "Caring for each other and mother earth through active engagement"
Speakers: Keynote: Congresswoman Karen Bass, Edward McCullough, Charles Langley & Nina Babiarz, Rev. Leland Stewart, Rev. Al Duffy, Rev Adela Sandoval Dr. Zaman Stanizai and more.
Debut screening of "Women Wage Peace" filmed in Israel/Palestine

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Spirituality and the Earth MCC


DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Don will reach out to members of CC and inquire about potential plans for IDP, with intention of connecting more with Multiregion. More info TBD 

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Tamera and Grace - Movement for a Free Earth

LOCATION: Portugal

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: "We will hold a seminar titled "Sacred Matrix" and will walk for 2-3 days along the beautiful wild Portuguese coast of the Atlantic Ocean. We will hold a prayer Sept 21 connecting in spirit with all who are praying for peace at this day, especially connecting to the Multiregion of URI. The whole pilgrimage is in the name of perceiving the sacred again. Here is a quote by Tamera co-founder Dieter Duhm which may describe best in which spirit we want to walk:

It is a quote out of his book "The Sacred Matrix".

How can it be that after five thousand years of patriarchy the birds still sing, the children still play, and lovers still feel as if they were in seventh heaven? Something in life seems to have remained intact through all the agony and blind alleys of history. It is something healthy and sacred, perhaps something eternal, that comes from the Universe and not from human beings, and yet it has been entrusted to us in the deepest roots of our soul and body. Probably every single human being on earth knows it subconsciously. We live in the presence of a global massacre of humans, animals, and nature, but we clearly also live in the presence of an entirely different intact and sacred world. Healing consists of reconnecting with this other world, which is our most original and our very own world, and bringing it fully into life on earth.

I will report more after we return!" 

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Contemplative Life

LOCATION: United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Contemplative Life will invite practice leaders and their contemplative communities to join in a day of silence and prayer for peace. The virtual community will be invited to participate in a few minutes of silence at noon their time. We will also invite the community to practice intentions throughout the day to focus on international peace.


LOCATION: Online webinar

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: The theme for the webinar is The Global Solidarity of Youth: Ushering In a New Era of Hope, depicted from the Peace Proposal written by SGI President, Mr. Daisaku Ikeda. The proposal focuses on how organizations and youths can work together in combating global crises such as refugee crisis, nuclear threat and human rights. The focus is to get youths around the globe to pledge an oath on how we should work together. The webinar will be a start in connecting youths around the globe to think and devise an action plan on combating urgent critical issues such as refugee crisis. It will help to provide a platform for discussion and articulation of information for every participants.

COOPERATION CIRCLE: Contemplative Life

LOCATION: Austin, Texas, United States of America

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: We created a site to focus on IDP information and activities and invited the Contemplative Life community, URI supporters and others to visit and participate in a day of meditation and prayer on Sept 21st.

The address for the site is as follows:
http: //www.contemplativelife.org/practice/international-day-of-peace/all




LOCATION: Asansol, West Bengal, India

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: Quiz Ceremony in connection with IDP Awareness. "Ektaan" in collaboration with URI East India, will organise an event in connection with IDP celebration at the main city bus stand of Burnpur, one of the famous places in the Asansol City area. The event will inaugurate with the religious leader by lighting lamp and prayer for the peace of the community along with for the whole world. After that a grand quiz competition will going to be held at the same place for creating awareness among the people. We hope nearly 250 children from the nearby school will going to participate in the event along with other local people in the area. Other event partners are Muslim Taraqquyati Wa Falahi Adara CC and Swapna Bastab CC.


COOPERATION CIRCLE: Golden Rule CC - Multiregion


LOCATION: Juba, South Sudan

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: As part of the celebration of IDP, the Golden Rule CC is going to join hand with URI-Africa in the celebration of IDP of 2017, to be held in Juba-South Sudan. The Golden Rule poster and its teaching will be highlighted and circulated as one practical action to bring all stakeholders together to work for peace and promote dignity for all URI Africa.


COOPERATION CIRCLE: Greater Concord Interfaith Council 

LOCATION: Concord, New Hampshire, United States

DESCRIPTION OF IDP ACTIVITY: International Day of Peace on the New Hampshire State House Lawn. The International Day of Peace-IDP, which is celebrated worldwide on Thursday, September 21st, will be acknowledged with an all-day local event on the Concord New Hampshire US State House lawn from 10 am to 7 pm. The purpose of this event is to promote peace, respect, safety, and dignity for all. Poets, storytellers, dancers, and musicians are invited to share their works at this event which will promote these themes. Activities will be clustered around lunch (11-1:30) and supper (4:30-7) when the highest amount of traffic is anticipated. In addition to the Greater Concord Interfaith Council; Peace Action NH, Kids4Peace, Building a Culture of Peace Forum, UU Church of Concord, and numerous other Concord area faith & peace communities are active participants. Pizza will be sold by local pizza shops participating in A Piece of Pizza for Peace with a portion of proceeds going to support peace locally and beyond. Planned activities will include peace readings, poems, dance, meditation, and music. Additional information can be found at apieceofpizzaforpeace.org, on Facebook, or by emailing Rik Yeames at [email protected] to schedule a specific time slot. Peace Action NH, Kids4Peace, Building a Culture of Peace Forum, UU Church of Concord, and numerous other Concord area faith & peace communities are active participants.


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