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August 31, 2017, 11:59 PM

Our New Website is Almost Here!

Our New Website is Almost Here!

URI.org is getting a new look! See our new website this fall, right here at www.URI.org. Based on the feedback of the URI global community and input from our design partners, we will be unveiling a new website that organizes all of the information from this site in a much more user-friendly way. We hope you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for much more easily on the new site, and we hope you’ll love the new look as much as we do!

As we prepare for the launch of the new site, this blog will be on hiatus temporarily, but it will resume right here on the new www.URI.org in the fall. We look forward to seeing your news on the new blog!

Question: Do I need to do anything differently?

  • No, just visit us here at www.URI.org the way you usually do. When the new site launches, you’ll see a whole new look!

Question: What if I notice a problem on the new site? 

  • Transitioning between websites is a big process, and there are always a few things that get overlooked. If you notice a problem, please tell us at [email protected]. We appreciate your help!

Question: Will my Cooperation Circle / blog posts / etc. be on the new site, too?

  • Of course! All of the current content on URI.org will be transitioned to the new website. But if you see something important missing, please let us know at [email protected].

Thanks so much for visiting our website. We hope you’ll like the new look even better!

-       The URI Communications Team

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URI News Desk

 URI News Desk


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