The Principle-19 Team

The Principle-19 Team in a Cambodian mangrove swamp

P19 Team members in a mangrove swamp during their 2017 visit to the URI community in Cambodia.

The Principle 19 Team (or P19 Team) is designing URI’s impact-assessment program. URI’s Principle 19 states, “We are committed to organizational learning and adaptation.” In January 2017, the P19 team was convened to help the organization determine how best to live into that commitment.

The P19 team is a group of Global Council members, Cooperation Circle members, and staff who are working together to design a process through which URI can assess its impact and use what it learns to make it even more effective. The purpose of the project is to help all URI members live into Principle 19 by:

  • gathering, analyzing, and disseminating information about Cooperation Circles that will support and enhance their work
  • helping URI better understand its work and the impact of its work, and using this understanding to adapt its practices and policies
  • strengthening the URI network and making it more visible and viable