Afghanistan Youth Empowerment and Peace-building Organization (AYEPO)

Working to empower future leaders and community builders.
Transforming and empowering the lives of Afghan youth in achieving their full intellectual, social and spiritual potentials as responsible citizens.
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Kabul, Afghanistan
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Afghanistan Youth Empowerment and Peace-building Organization (AYEPO) is an organization which is established by people who come from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, who work for the common good and play a part in solving problems that concern everyone in the country. By sharing stories, members of AYEPO who come from different walks of life better understand each other’s lives and identify those problems that concern a specific group of people, and those problems they share. Members believe that this paves the way to define programs and activities that can tackle or at least play a promoting role in solving the problems and builds the so-much-needed social peace. “When people of various nations, ethnicities and religions place efforts to understand, appreciate and accept each other and work for the common goal, we achieve peace and prosperity.”

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