Mandala Earth Story Project

Using creativity within interfaith, intercultural, and inter-generational contexts
"Our purpose is to support and empower communities in tapping existing knowledge, capacities and resources to address existing ecological, social, and political conditions."
Spirituality, Christianity, Indigenous
Interfaith, Shamanism
Number of Members
San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines
Joined URI Network

Started in 2015, the Mandala Earth Story was a community art project based in the Philippines, and inspired by the earth wisdom of indigenous, traditional, and spiritual knowledge systems and practices.

This CC supported and empowered communities in tapping existing knowledge, capacities and resources to address ecological, social, and political conditions. Through shared earth stories, the project hoped to derive collective wisdom that holds space for Earth Wisdom to be remembered, explored, translated, and most importantly - applied to some of the pressing issues humanity and the earth face today.

The project drew inspiration from local sacred circles popularly referred to as the Mandala which means "sacred circle" in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. Existing in almost all of the world's traditions, the circle has been a medium for integration and seeing all things as whole, interconnected elements.

This CC is no longer active. We thank them for their excellent work!


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