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The Birth of a Global Community: Appreciative Inquiry in Action

Birth of a Global Community: Appreciate Inquiry in Action (Lakeshore Communications, 2003) By Charles Gibbs & Sally Mahé. The story of the birth of the United Religions Initiative (URI) is about the birth of a vision, and about a bishop who invited the whole world to join him on an inconceivable quest to make that vision real—to encourage religions to stop fighting; to make peace with one another; and to build together a world of peace, justice, and healing. It is also the story of how Appreciative Inquiry (AI), an in inclusive philosophy and methodology, “facilitated the birth of a global interfaith organization with the potential to change human history.” To order, send money order or check in amount of $20 to following address: United Religions Initiative, PO Box 29242, San Francisco, CA 94129.


The Coming United Religions

The Coming United Religions (CoNexus Press, 2004) By William Swing. The United Religions Initiative (URI), founded by Bishop William E. Swing (The Seventh Bishop of the Diocese of California of the Episcopal Church), was created to bring people of diverse faith into cooperation for peace, inspired by the example of the work of the nations of the world to bring peace through United Nations. Part one of this book tells Bishop Swing’s story. Part Two, reflecting the work of many others, includes the drafts of the Charter, organizational design and action agendas, and opportunities for reader feedback and participation.

From a Vision to an Initiative, by the Right Reverend William E. Swing

An inspiring account by the Founder and President of URI, The Right Rev. William E. Swing, on how the dream for the United Religions Initiative first began on a cold winter’s night in the early 90s.