SEPT 23 at 4:00pm PDT

The Mystical Core of the Major Religious Traditions

4:00pm PDT | 7:00pm EDT |
10:00pm GMT

Is there a truth shared by all religions? Is it compatible with modern science? Can we verify this truth for ourselves? Although the world's great religious traditions provide a wonderful display of outer diversity, they also share an inner truth testified by their mystics. Moreover, this mystical truth is not a doctrine merely to be believed but can be directly realized in our own experience. In addition, it is possible to view this truth realized by the mystics and the truths of modern science as compatible ways of understanding the same underlying Reality.

Sponsored by: The Interfaith Center at Miami University, a URI member group.

SEPT 24 - 26

2nd Annual One Planet Peace Forum "Living Peace, Building Peace"

12:00pm PDT | 3:00pm EDT |
7:00pm GMT

One Planet Peace Forum (OPPF) presents a free virtual gathering designed to cultivate a culture of peace. OPPF was created as an annual event to offer a universal platform for people of all spiritual and secular expressions to co-create solutions to humaniity's most challenging issues. It seeks to help fulfill the age-old vision of peace on Earth by inspiring cooperative action toward building the future we envision. 

Sponsored by: Abbey of Hope, a URI member group.

SEPT 25 at 6:00pm PDT

Celebrating Special Moments from the First 18 Months of Saturday Night Alive: Inspiration, Music, Wisdom & Magic

6:00pm PDT | 9:00pm EDT |
1:00am GMT

Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe has been the mecca of conscious, heart-centered, transformational communities to gather online from across the globe for soul-inspiring talks, music and connection during this unprecedented time. Featuring world-class luminaries, brilliant musicians, light-hearted comedians and inspirational performances our variety show brings both warmth and wisdom during so much uncertainty.

Sponsored by: UNIFY, a URI partner.

SEPT 27 at 4:00pm PDT

Creating Safe Sacred Spaces for LGBTQIA2S+

4:00pm PDT | 7:00pm EDT |
11:00pm GMT

What is the experience of an LGBTQ+ person in faith environments? How do we love each other and live in community when we have different ideas of what is "affirmed/blessed/condoned" by God? What can we do in our faith spaces to make sure LGBTQ+ individuals feel a sense of safety and belonging? Join us for an interactive panel discussion with leaders from Christian, Buddhist, and Jewish faith communities and LOVEboldly Program Director, Heather Schmiedicke.

Sponsored by: The Interfaith Center at Miami University, a URI member group.

SEPT 28 at 7:00am PDT

High-level plenary meeting to commemorate and promote the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

7:00am PDT | 10:00am EDT |
2:00pm GMT

The high-level meeting will raise awareness about the threat posed to humanity by nuclear weapons and the necessity for their elimination in order to mobilize international efforts towards achieving the common goal of a nuclear-weapon-free world. The General Assembly commemorates 26 September as the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons providing an occasion for the world community to reaffirm its commitment to global nuclear disarmament as a priority.

Sponsored by: The United Nations.

SEPT 28 at 11:00am PDT

Community Driven Fire Resilience Strategies and Indigenous Fire Ecology

11:00am PDT | 2:00pm EDT |
6:00pm GMT

In this World WEAver workshop Edward (Redbird) Willie will discuss the basics of fire ecology in California and the factors that have contributed to the West Coast fire season. He will dive deeper into the longstanding relationship natives have had with the land and its inhabitants, fire ecology, and how Indigenous ancestors were able to live in a healthy and sustainable way. He will go over practices that helped them steward the land and give some actions that we can take as a community to help contribute solutions to the current climate.

Sponsored by: Women's Earth Alliance, a URI partner.

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