URI Asia is our network’s fastest-growing region.

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Cooperation Circles in URI Asia connect interfaith organizations and help mobilize thousands of local civilians to address large issues of alleviating poverty, protecting the rights of women and children, empowering youth leaders, demanding economic justice for Indigenous populations, and ending violence, infanticide and caste discrimination. URI Asia has formed an Executive Committee and legal entity, called URI Asia Trust, to formalize their work as a team.

Regional Support Staff

URI-Asia: East India, Bangladesh

  • Biswadeb Chakraborty, Regional Coordinator and National India Team Coordinator
  • Kaushik Chatterjee, CC Liaison Officer
  • Rev. Kalyan Kumar Kisku, Regional President
  • Ms. Shreyosi Biswas, Administrative Assistant
  • Abhirup Khan, Youth Program Coordinator
  • Arif Zishan, Social Media and Communication Assistant
  • Dr. Abu Taher, URI Country Contact for Bangladesh

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URI-Asia: South India, Sri Lanka

  • Abraham Karickam, Regional Coordinator and URI Asia Executive Secretary
  • Y. Johnson, Travelling Secretary
  • D. Sini, Office Assistant
  • Annie Lagi, Accountant
  • T.G. Stephen, Public Relation and Program Officer
  • Leya Varghese, CC Liaison Officer

URI-Asia: West India

  • Qutub Jehan Kidwai, Regional Coordinator
  • Kahirunnisa Pathan, Assistant to the RC
  • Anjan Sadavarte, Youth Mentor
  • Poonam Warang, CC Liaison Officer

URI-Asia: North India, Afghanistan

  • Subhi Dhupar, Regional Coordinator
  • Hira Paul Gangnegi, Senior Interfaith Representative
  • Nilanjana Bhattacharjee: Community Service Provider
  • Tanya Sablok: Editor in Chief, Blog Khwaeesh
  • Krupa Vasani: Assistant Community Manager
  • Aditi Ukey: Social Media and Communication Manager
  • Atharva Mehendale: Community Project Manager

URI-Asia: Pakistan

  • Fr James Channan OP, Regional Coordinator
  • Sabina Rifat, Women’s Wing Coordinator
  • Asher Nazir, Executive Secretary
  • Asmara Daud, Youth Trainer

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URI-Asia: South Korea

  • Jinwol Young Lee, Senior Interfaith Representative

Here’s one example of URI’s work in this region:

Zonal assemblies present opportunities for all URI groups in a region to meet each other, share ideas, and inspire new projects. For example, a recent West India assembly gathered experts to educate regional URI groups on the most effective ways of protecting the human rights of those discriminated against by India's caste system, on the latest developments in teaching peaceful social development, and on understanding the history of Islam and other traditions. At a recent East India assembly, participants of different religions (Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and tribal members) fed each other bites of traditional sweets to build unity across cultural divides.

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Stories From URI Asia

Announcing Launch of the Faith For Harm Reduction Manual

Alliance India, URI, eminent faith-based institutions, and The Global Fund are launching the training module for sensitizing faith-based communities on health and rights-based approaches to drug use. See more about the #Faith4HarmReduction approach, a unique initiative to build bridges between harm reduction services, the community perspectives of people who use drugs, and faith-based communities.