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Our community is working tirelessly to bring peace and justice in all areas of the world regardless of religion. Read stories straight from the organizers.

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Interfaith Resilience in the Face of Existential Threats

URI Executive Director Jerry White presents at the Community Plenary of the...

Members of the Circle of Cooperation National Network of Agrarian Educators of Paraguay participated in the formation of a group together with members of the Armed Forces of Paraguay in Beekeeping.

Parents' mindset and engagement in the education of their children are paramount. Peace4Dalits Foundation CC has formed a parent's association to promote education among the Musahar community in Nepal. 

Cultural Infusion Cooperation Circle in Australia is keeping alive the history, traditions, and culture of the indigenous Aboriginals through storytelling. 

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Celebrating International Youth Day

Representatives, Issac Shibu Thomas, Global Council Trustee of URI, and Samira Barucija-Homoraš, Regional Coordinator for URI Multiregion, took part in this inspiring UN event in honor of International Youth Day.