Where We Work

URI’s network of grassroots groups works in over a hundred countries around the world, gathering groups of people from different cultures, faiths, and traditions to work side-by-side for a common cause.

Our member groups are categorized into eight regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, Multiregion, North America, and Southeast Asia and the Pacific. See where URI members are currently working to improve their communities and the world we share.


Cooperation Circles: 248


Cooperation Circles: 418


Cooperation Circles: 62

Latin America and the Caribbean

Cooperation Circles: 63

Latin America and the Caribbean - Cloned

Middle East and North Africa

Cooperation Circles: 101

Middle East and North Africa - Cloned


Cooperation Circles: 81

Multiregion - Cloned

North America

Cooperation Circles: 93

North America - Cloned

Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Cooperation Circles: 50