Invest to Impact URI's Efforts Around the World

Invest in the work of URI. Be the catalyst in expanding URI’s organizational capacity, and help our network to respond to growing peacebuilding needs around world.

Beyond a one-time contribution, please consider additional ways to invest in URI’s mission:

    People Uniting Campaign June 2017-2023

    As you further look into supporting URI, please consider one key campaign the People Uniting Campaign.  This allows for your long-term investment to elevate hope and have a positive impact on communities around the world.

    URI’s People Uniting Campaign is a five-year campaign to ensure URI’s long-term financial sustainability, to meet future growth needs, and to increase URI’s impact in the world.

    Now, more than ever, be the catalyst for peacebuilding needs around the world.

    Every contribution matters. We thank you for your consideration.

    Invest in peace, justice and healing

    “Imagine a world without violence associated with religion - a world in which leaders and people of different faiths not only meet and understand one another, but also work together to improve quality of life in sustainable ways, for example in health and education. That is a world the United Religions Initiative is building, community by community.”

    - William P. Fuller, Member of URI's Senior Advisory Council, former President and CEO of The Asia Foundation, and two-time recipient of the United States President’s Meritorious Service Award and USAID’s Distinguished Honor Prize

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