Climate Action

Cooperation Circles around the world are taking concrete action to restore Earth, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect biodiversity.   More than 30% of the CCs list “Environment” as one of their action areas.  URI is responding to the global climate crisis with a tri-fold approach and many interactive opportunities for hands-on Earth restoration, climate action, and ongoing learning.

Reps from many faiths march for one planet in Rome


Tri-fold approach:

  1. Provide tools and resources that educate and inspire URI Cooperation Circles (CCs) and Members to take action in meaningful ways where they live;
  2. Work with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and other global partners to ensure that what’s at stake is visible and that the ways to help are clear; and
  3. Host ceremonial gatherings that honor Earth and celebrate our sacred eco-systems as worthy of our time, gratitude, and love.
Asia CC giving trees to village
Blantyre CC cleans garbage in Malawi

Blantyre CC, a URI group in Malawi, organized a project to clean garbage and restore sanitary conditions to the community of Bangwe.

Kashi Foundation sustainable organic garden initiative

Kashi Foundation (a URI group in Florida, USA)'s Sustainable Kashi initiative hosts permaculture classes for the community in their organic gardens.

There are a number of ways we are working together to focus our efforts:

  • URI is using a list of 11 “Drawdown Solutions” on which CCs are already working.  This 13-minute video presentation describes “Drawdown” as a practice and shows how CCs are using the URI Action Areas to draw carbon down from the atmosphere to restore ecosystems.  
  • Monthly climate action messages are shared across the URI network, providing resources for learning, announcing dates for days of global action, and celebrating the good work happening within CCs around the world.  
  • Thematic “learning sessions” encourage CCs and participants to teach and learn from one another online and locally.  The sessions aim to utilize the valuable skillsets that exist across the URI network and with other knowledgeable partners.  
  • “Gathering for Earth” happens the first week of each month as a place to talk about our care for Earth.  The gathering takes place at different times each month, to readily include URI members around the world.  If you would like to attend an upcoming “Gathering for Earth” or share another idea related to climate action and Earth restoration, please contact Lauren Van Ham, URI Climate Action Coordinator.

We’d love to see you at one of our events soon.  Please join us!

Earth Day 2022 

Enjoy this video of URI's young leaders' voices about the Earth.

This video, honoring Earth Day, features the voices of URI youth who participated in the "Intercontinental Interfaith Quiz" to celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week, 2022. 

These seven young people were asked to share a favorite religious text or spiritual teaching about caring for Creation and tending our Earth.  Thank you, URI Youth!  Happy, Happy Earth Day! 

Today April 22 is Earth Day.  Tomorrow and Every Day may we carry the Earth in our hearts. May we all love, care for, and appreciate our one common home.