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Compassionate Action Network International (CAN International)

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10 Members

Traditions: Islam, Jewish, Universal Religious , Nontheist

Action Area: Community Building, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: North America

Website: http://compassion.is

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We work with interfaith communities (individuals and organizations) in cities to create cultures of compassion. We create materials and trainings to look at how to address social issues using compassionate action. For example, we are developing an educational curriculum for use in Pakistani schools. We have formed strong partnerships with Stanford University who is offering a training program that focuses on compassion as part of their teacher’s education program, TED (a website that has remarkable talks given by remarkable people doing great work in the world); Karen Armstrong and Louisville (a model Compassionate City), which is an active interfaith community. 

Cultivating cultures of compassion

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Karli Anne Christiansen

P.O. Box 77048
WA 98005
United States

(206) 458-3530

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