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Rural Development Society CC

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Rural Development Society CC took part in the rally on World Environment Day 5th, 2012 in Bankura town. The Chairperson of Bankura Municipality eminent social activists, Gandheswari River Protection Committee, Freedom Fighters Society, School Children, Children of Pathik Home (a home for physically challenged children), Netaji Youth Club, Jatiya Kriya O Sakti Sangha, and Gandhi Vichar Parisad took part in the rally throughout Bankura town, making people aware about Global Warming bio-diversity. eco-friendliness, plantation of rain trees rain–water harvesting, use of renewable energy sources etc. The rally was hugely successful and appreciates by the people.

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Traditions: Christian, Hindu, Islam Muslim, Animist See All

Action Area: Indigenous Voices

Region: Asia

Website: http://www.rudeso.org

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Our purpose is to create an equalitarian civil society free from exploitation, oppression that involves all section of people irrespective of caste, creed, color or religion...

To promote holistic development for the people by the people for the creation of a just world. To learn more, visit www.rudeso.org

Our dream is to extend our services for the development of livelihood of people irrespective of caste, creed, religion or color.

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Bankura, West Bengal

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