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Hands and Hearts Initiative

Label: Cooperation Circle Info

9 (nine) Members

Traditions: Christian Catholic , Christian Protestant , Islam

Action Area: Human Rights, Women, Youth

Region: Africa

Label: Purpose & Activities

Hands and Hearts Initiative (formerly known as Twinkle Initiative) is a new CC located in Nairobi, Kenya. They primarily work with Christian and Muslim women, offering vocational training as a way of ensuring economic independence.  In addition to trainings, their CC organizes discussion forums where women from different religions and tribes can build relationships. They encourage each other to stand up for women’s rights in their respective communities. Hands and Hearts Initiative aims to provide women of all faiths equal rights and opportunities in what they identify as a patriarchal and discriminatory society. 

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To speak for our sisters until they get a voice

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Lynn Waithera Ngugi

4077-0100 Nairobi


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