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Hidden Seeds: Global Indigenous Network

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Action Area: Indigenous Peoples, Hidden Seeds

Region: Multi-Region

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 Members of this CC have found that indigenous wisdom is often left out of consideration for several reasons, so they understood that a group that could bring indigenous voices to the interfaith table was needed. Indigenous people from around the world met in San Francisco in June 2014, and just being able to come together and meet with one another was a great stride forward in creating the network that they hope to achieve. They hope to create regular meetings where CC members can discuss significant indigenous issues and mobilize a global response, weaving together circles within circles.

During the last meeting of Hidden Seeds: Global Indigenous Network CC, they had folks from Russia, Canada, Australia, Africa, South & North America and more across all eight URI regions. They discussed issues such as usurpation of native water, land and sacred sites. They discovered that they share so much in common that they came out of the meeting feeling truly united in cause around the world.

Ensuring global Indigenous voices are heard.

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Audri Scott Williams

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