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Interfaith Initiative of Santa Barbara County

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10 Members

Traditions: Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Islam See All

Action Area: Community Building, Environment, Health and Social Services, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: North America

Website: http://www.interfaithinitiativesbc.org/

Label: Purpose & Activities

IIOS sprung out of the Santa Barbara Foundation as an interfaith answer to affordable housing and addressing the needs of their community. Since then they host annual celebrations, which inspire interfaith cooperation, understanding and activism. In order to expand the scope of interfaith activism in Santa Barbara County, in 2013 IISBC signed Memoranda of Understanding with two organizations: ECOFaith and HEAL, both reputable, unincorporated nonprofit associations that needed a strategic and operational hub. This consolidation has formed one strong organization to take a focused, hands-on approach to solving habitat, energy, and sheltering issues.

Interfaith Initiative of Santa Barbara County Cooperation Circle welcomes, stands with, and celebrates the major faith and spiritual traditions in the community, promoting understanding, respect, and cooperative activities while partnering with other organizations to realize our common values and goals. At this moment it is developing three main programs: 1.ECOFaith: a coalition of diverse, local faith communities and individuals who are working together to lower carbon emissions and get on the Path of Sustainability. We acknowledge that Earth is in environmental peril and that collaborative leadership is needed to protect and preserve our living planet. 2.Project HEAL: HEAL stands for Hope, Empowerment And Love and its purpose is to help identify and coordinate services to our brothers and sisters without homes in the Goleta/Noleta and Isla Vista area, especially encouraging faith congregations to engage in advocacy, issue awareness, and volunteer opportunities according to the calling and resources of each. 3. Compassion: Interfaith Initiative of Santa Barbara County advocates a compassionate approach to providing human services and reducing our carbon footprint by placing social and environmental justice at the center of everyday living and decision-making.

Uniting people of all faiths around shared goals in service to our community

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Dr. Edward Winslow Bastian

PO Box 62136
Santa Barbara
CA 93160
United States

(1)970 618-9424

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