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Traditions: Islam, Jewish, Christian

Action Area: Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

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Our purpose is to inform local and international audiences about under-documented Palestinian- Israeli civilian efforts to resolve the conflict non-violently...

Using media and educational tools, we seek to raise awareness and expose Israelis, Palestinian, broader Arab and American audiences to non-violent civic peacebuilders from both sides of the conflict who are working together to foster understanding and trust. Through education we seek to inspire those who are not yet involved to explore and take part in the range of sectors in which conflict resolution work is happening.

We are currently re- conceptualizing and redesigning our website to include new areas of functionality, as well as a Learning Center, a Media Center, a Press Section, a revamped Homepage and What You can Do section. Our aim is to make all of our media as accessible as possible to journalists, educators and community leaders in order to broaden awareness about Israeli and Palestinian peace workers. Just Vision is also producing a timely and powerful new film, Buldrus Has a Hammer (working title): A Palestinian Community organizer unites all Palestinian Political factions along with Israelis in a Gandhian struggle to save his village, unleashing a non violent movement that is gaining ground today. Finally, new educational and training initiatives are also underway. In the U.S., we are focusing our outreach on four target cities with large concentration of Arab, Jewish and Muslim communities (Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit) where we are introducing facilitators, teachers, youth organizers and interfaith leaders to our materials, including our classroom and community screening guides, website and films. We will continue to conduct outreach to ensure that Encounter Point and an accompanying Hebrew Classroom Screening Guide are incorporated into Israeli classrooms, community centers and extra-curricular youth programming. Likewise, we will continue to bring Encounter Point and accompanying Arabic Screening Guide to villages, refugee camps and community centers in Palestinian Society.

We believe in the the value of cooperative Palestinian and Israeli efforts to build a sustainable, free and safe future for all, and the importance of media coverage to raise awareness of these courageous endeavors.

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