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March 13, 2014, 3:02 PM

One year back...reflections on Pope Francis

One year back...reflections on Pope Francis

Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral, May 2007: URI Leaders in Argentina join together with Bishop Swing and Cardinal Bergoglio--now Pope Francis--to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of URI's first gathering in Latin America.


Dear friends, 

Exactly one year ago today, during our Global Council and Global Staff meeting in San Francisco, we received the news that our Argentine Cardinal had been elected Pope. 

It was a moving experience for me, to receive this news in an interfaith environment surrounded by my URI friends. So in celebration of his first anniversary, I recall and thank you for this moment that I treasure. 

Now, Pope Francis keeps asking that we pray for him. I know he values prayers and goodwill and blessings coming from all faiths and cultural backgrounds, so I ask you that you join me in prayer.

Today, in Buenos Aires, I will participate in a mass celebrating his first year as Pope. I promise I will have all of you in my heart and prayers.




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