Anggita (Angie) Parameswari Latif (Angie)

Anggita Parameswari Latif (Angie)

Data Systems and Learning Associate

Angie joined United Religions Initiatives in May 2024, where she supports the Learning and Impact Strategies team, overseeing the monitoring, evaluation, learning, and adaptation of URI programs and network outcomes. With a background as a Doctoral Research and Teaching Assistant at the University of Massachusetts Boston, specializing in global governance and human security, her expertise includes research and administration, particularly in areas such as refugee camp education policy and peace education. Angie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution from the same institution.

Her previous experiences encompass roles as a Student Services Intern and Admissions Counselor at an international education provider, along with various internships in government, public services, and marketing. Angie also freelances as a Risk Intelligence Consultant, analyzing threats to national or local security and devising mitigation strategies.

In her leisure time, Angie enjoys teaching pilates and scoliosis rehab, finding fulfillment in serving others. Her passion for learning about different traditions and religions stems from her upbringing in Indonesia and nearly a decade spent in Massachusetts, USA, where she honed her practical skills in interfaith and intercultural communication, which she now applies to her professional endeavors.