Bhavya Srivastava


Regional Director for Asia

Bhavya Srivastava works as a catalyst for faith-based and social organizations. His experiences in the domains of journalism, social work, religion, corporate, and technology provide him an edge in shaping ideas and various initiatives. As a consultant and advisor to various religious-spiritual, and social organizations, Bhavya is behind many social initiatives and programs. He played a vital role in diffusing conflicts between communities, shaping harmonious views between varying factors, and bringing together the various parties by utilizing his communication skills and his more profound understanding of subjects. He traveled extensively and is connected to a vast network of faith organizations and social institutions.  As a student of sociology, social development, and the role of religion, he has developed strong relations with interfaith leaders and covered issues addressed by interfaith programs and seminars. 

He has attended several international seminars in the past and has written on religious issues for media groups. He manages a website of all religions and has been awarded by many social organizations for his dedication. He wants to change the perception of religious leaders from preachers to change-makers.