Celebrate URI at 20 Years

You - all parts of URI - are invited to create, connect, and celebrate URI’s 20th anniversary in ways that you find meaningful and life-giving.

Thank you for joining us for the Global Broadcast of URI's 20th Anniversary Celebration! If you missed the broadcast, just click on the video above. 

This Kick-off Broadcast was part of World UNITY Week.

The URI community is celebrating this landmark anniversary around the world.

URI was born from people’s dreams. It is a story about committed people finding resources of renewal within themselves and each other. It is the story of people from different religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions who grow in friendships and create a global community dedicated to shared vision.

URI at 20 - Timeline

Click the timeline above to see some memorable milestones over URI's 20-year journey.


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As we enter our 20th year, URI’s global community is surging with initiatives, new ways to connect, and all kinds of bridge-building actions. YOU, all parts of URI, are invited to create, connect, and celebrate URI’s 20th anniversary in ways that you find meaningful and life-giving.



Share Memorable Moments in URI

  • Watch a three-minute video and share your own memorable moments.
  • Details here.

Reach Out to URI Cooperation Circles

Engage URI’s Charter

  • Everyone is invited to engage with the Charter’s founding values.

Dream URI’s Future

  • Imagine it is 2040, the world has changed significantly. Imagine how URI has made a contribution to this shift? Imagine together.

Empowering Yourself and Others

  • URI’s Charter empowers people and draws them together in common cause.  Discuss how URI reaches out to empower people’s initiatives and participation and what more can be done?

What’s Working? What’s Needed?

  • In what areas does URI need to grow? Discuss and share what would you like to see changed, added, renewed in URI?

Song - YOU ARE I 

  • Dharma Master Heng Sure, Global Council member and a CC leader of URI, gifted URI community with this original song.  Enjoy and share.

Song - Dedication of Merit

  • The Dedication of Merit is a profound practice to expand a sincere effort and share its goodness.  Watch the video of Dharma Master Heng Sure singing this song and read his explanation of its origin.

Speaking from the Heart – Sharing Prayers, Poetry and Feelings

  • This offering of heartfelt words can be used to encourage others to share their feelings, yearnings, prayers of the heart at this time.

Calling All Peacemakers!

  • Who is a peacemaker? How do we contribute to peace differently? See discussion ideas.

Traditions, Religions, Spiritual Values

  • Share spiritual practices and gifts from your traditions.

Stay tuned for more ideas and resources on how to take part in our year-long celebrations! For assistance in implementing your idea, contact Sally Mahé at [email protected]