Kollam, Kerala, India

Agents for Social Change

Zero Limits CC

Zero Limits CC members are comprised of educational specialists who are Hindu, Christian and Muslim. Additionally, they have 14 schools under their care and deeply believe in youth as agents in social change. 

Zero Limits’ founders are psychology experts who have created special training programs for schools and colleges. The group is committed to interfaith and intercultural relations, and provides educational and economic opportunities to the public, particularly youth. They also work on raising awareness of relevant issues within their community, such as environmental challenges and equal opportunity for women and girls, bringing people together to create solutions for the benefit of all.

“Conflict [between religions] is because of our attitudes. If we have a good perspective, we will have a good community, so there will be no conflicts.”

- Fathima Hakkim

Zero Limits, a URI member group in Kerala, India, treats students as budding peacebuilders and teaches them to respect people of other religions and backgrounds.



Dr. Mohan Lal and Dr. Devi Raj, Co-Founders of URI Zero Limits Cooperation Circle

Fathimah Hakkim and Krishna R.S., members of URI Zero Limits Cooperation Circle