Inter-religious Education


30 September 2023 - 7:30 am PDT

Ecopeace Teen Cafe Cooperation Circle invites you to the first open cafe chat on interreligious Education.

Ecopeace Teen Cafe plans to host monthly Ecopeace Open Cafe Chats for open dialogue and meaningful conversations where we explore important topics related to sustainability, environmental conservation, and peace-building. Ecopeace Open Cafe is open to all and there will be no age restrictions.

The special guest is Dr. Karen Leslie Hernandez, with over 18 years of experience, both in the US and internationally, in peacebuilding, as well as in multi-faith understanding and collaboration, Karen brings practical, academic, and experiential expertise to her peacebuilding work. Her areas of concentration are restorative/transformative justice, theological coexistence, theological responses to religious extremism, human rights in sacred texts, trauma-informed responses to conflict/violence, and local and international peacebuilding. 

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