URI Kids: Learning Logs

Individual Spiritual Growth: Learning Logs


To create a special space for students to keep track of assignments and thoughts for the religion unit. 


A small notebook for each student. Something with a wire binding works well, with lined paper.

The Lesson:

Give out the learning logs and explain that they should be used for all work for the lesson, instead of regular binder paper. Students should feel free to use them as a journal during the unit, as well as to take notes in or jot down ideas. Remind them that you will be looking at them, so they are not confidential.

Students can decorate the notebooks so that they reflect their personalities or interests. Make sure their names are on them though! 
Learning logs are referred to in several places during the lessons.


Every once in a while, collect the notebooks to read what the students have written. Write back to them, but do not assign grades to any pieces that are reflections or journal entries.