URI Kids: Matching Word Games

Word Game Activities: Matching


To help students work with the vocabulary introduced in the unit. To introduce them to using the glossary.


You will need the glossary to the unit or a dictionary for each student or small group.

The Lesson:

Below is a word-matching puzzle with words taken from the glossary. Students could do this as homework or in class with a partner, in small groups, or individually.

Words for the matching puzzle:

  • altar 
  • enlightenment
  • Brahman
  • disciple
  • baptism
  • Sabbath
  • Bar or Bat Mitzvah
  • Koran
  • Atman
  • mosque
  • doctrine
  • Bible
  • idol
  • atonement
  • Jihad    
  • deity
  • nirvana
  • meditation
  • Brahman
  • church
  • prophet
  • worship
  • monotheism
  • Diaspora
  • exile
  • tenet
  • sect
  • Guru
  • polytheism
  • Messiah


  • unwilling absence from your home, whether for religious or political reasons.
  • reconciliation with God. The word is usually used in the context of Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement. In this situation, atonement means "forgiveness", and the reconciliation with God is a result of being forgiven and forgiving others.
  • a set of fundamental beliefs.
  • to treat someone or something as divine or to show respect by praying and devotion.
  • a Hindu God, considered the protector of the world (can also be called Brahman)
  • another name for God or other sacred beings.
  •  someone treated as a savior of a country, a religion, or a group of people.
  •  a part of a religious group with beliefs and practices of its own.
  • the spreading out of Jews all over the world following capture.
  • a follower of a particular religion or leader.
  • teachings about beliefs.
  • a building for worship, especially in Christianity
  • A designated location in a place of worship or home for sacred things (offerings to God) to be kept on display.
  • the sacred book of Christianity.
  • generally, to clarify information. In some Asian religions, enlightenment is the highest level of understanding and clarification.
  • a ceremony in which a person is put into water to symbolize being pure. In Christianity, this is a major step in being accepted into the religion.
  • the belief in more than one God.
  • in Hinduism, the soul
  • In Islam, the struggle to live a good life.
  • In Judaism, the rite of passage into adulthood. Translated, it means "Son or Daughter of the Covenant". There is a ceremony when the boy or girl reads from the Torah for the first time.
  •  the belief that there is one God.
  • In Hinduism or Sikhism, a religious leader or guide.
  • a person who speaks for God on earth.
  • a symbol or picture that is believed to have sacred powers. In some religions, they are prohibited. In others, they are integral to the religion.
  •  a building in which Muslims worship.
  • the holy book of Islam.
  • emptying the mind of thoughts, or concentration on just one thing.
  • In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, the attainment of enlightenment and, therefore, release from the cycle of birth and rebirth.
  • a day of rest. In some religions, it is Sunday, others are Saturday, and still others are Friday. Historically, Wednesday was also used.


As a follow-up, students could make their own matching puzzle or other word game. You will be able to correct the matching worksheet, or students could trade to correct them.