Sri Chintamani Nath Yogi

Dr. Chintamani Yogi

Global Council Trustee for Asia

Dr. Chintamani Yogi is a great scholar of Nepal; a Nath Yogi, spiritual master, an educationist and peace activist. He is a founding principal of Hindu VidyaPeeth Schools based on love, peace, selfless service etc. He also established Peace Service Centre, Youth Society for Peace to help children, women, senior citizens. He runs community-based programs - Children's Peace Home – orphanage, Women's Training Program, Girls Scholarship Program, Gorakhnath Sewa Sangh and Biswa Omkar Ekata Mahabhiyan to reform society in totality. He lectures about Conflict, Peace and Development Studies, at Universities in Nepal. He lectures at Rotary, Lions, Corporate Sectors, Government Offices, Armies, Police, TVs, Radios. He is associated with many international organizations - HVP-UK, Peace Service Center-USA, Global Communities for Peace-Australia, Global Network of Religions for Children, United Religions Initiative. He has written several books and songs, won national/international awards. He conducts camps, classes to understand ''The Art of Life''