Volunteering for Peace CC participated at the International Academy of Human Right 2008 held in The Netherlands

13 November 2008, 4:23 AM

Volunteering for Peace CC participated at the International Academy of Human Right 2008 held this year in The Netherlands

Tareq Altamimi, the coordinator of Volunteering for Peace CC in Palestine participated at the International Academy of Human Right which was held this year in Midelburg city in the Netherlands. The academy included fifty participants from over 30 countries in the world, including Africa, Europe. Asia, Eastern Europe, the states and the Middle East.

The academy lasted for two weeks in which lecturers from the United Nations, European Universities, American and Latin American Universities and African Universities. In the academy Mr. Tamimi presented a paper about violations of Human Rights in the Middle east and addressed the issue of non-violence and interfaith between the participants. He also promoted URI during a presentation of organizations working in this field. The participants were very interested in the idea of URI and they showed an interest to join URI CC or establish new CCs for URI back in their countries.

During the Academy the participants visited The International Court of Justice in The Hague and other Human Rights and international organizations based in The Hague. The program also included a visit to a local court in The Netherlands. The official Academy program started after a one day tour on the town of Middleburg and a reception at the city Hall with participation of 50 participants from 30 different countries. The program included important lecturers on Human Right/charter based Mechanism, African System/Convention, Inter-American system/Convention, European System, Criminal Law, rule of law and included other interesting debates in these important topics related to human rights which was presented by experts in these topics coming from different universities and international organizations around the world.


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