Prayers for Peace

15 January 2009

Being in URI I feel that things happening around the world are happening to me. There are no boundaries for love, there arent boundaries for pain. either. When messages and photos about the Crisis in Middle East started, my heart shrinked, I felt I had to do something though I live thousands of kilometers away in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As CC Global Support Coordinator of URI I had taken care of a daily prayer/ meditation to support all CCs in our Community ( we prayed from april 2007 to september 2008) I believe prayer is a powerful action, even more when this prayer is collective so I have invited members of our community, probably feeling like I did, to send me their prayers for peace so that I post them daily. We have been praying for peace for fifteen days and I hope I will receive a never ending number of prayers. There are so many places, so many people suffering violence... We certainly need to be together in prayer for peace