Global Spirit Video Series

27 May 2009

URI is excited to announce its newest partnership with Link TV's GLOBAL SPIRIT Series. Watch this week's video highlights at This episode of Global Spirit, "Art and the Creative Spirit," seeks answers to eternal questions about the nature of art and creativity by looking at various sacred art forms, and by engaging with artists keenly aware of the spiritual aspect of the creative process. Let us know what you think by adding a comment below!

This partnership between URI and the GLOBAL SPIRIT Series will bring new and engaging media content to the URI community via that will raise our visibility as a global community and enrich our appreciation of the diversity of religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions. Watch for announcements and links to the latest videos at .

GLOBAL SPIRIT is the first “internal travel” series, an unprecedented inquiry into the universe of human consciousness. Programs focus on universal themes that concern us all on the most basic human level: Forgiveness, Oneness, Ecstasy, Earth Wisdom, Art and the Creative Spirit, and more. Watch programs in their entirety online, or on Link TV. Please visit for details.