Golden rule tour in Europe

14 May 2010





We are living at a critical moment in history, a time when humanity must choose its future. Our world is experiencing a fundamental global crisis: a crisis in global economy, global climate change, global degradation of values, lack of a global ethic and a lack of respect for all life forms on Earth.

Throughout the world people are suffering from unemployment, poverty, hunger, war, racial discrimination, ethnic and religion conflicts, drug abuse, organized crime, corruption, and other negative elements that we see in the world. The divorce rate is growing and the number of single parents are increasing. Children are growing without universal moral and spiritual values. Most of these problems result from the lack of a global ethic which offers the guidance of universal principles of life and moral attitudes.

This entire global crisis is a crisis, which we all share in common. It is not only a problem of a certain country or region but it is a problem of all humanity. To solve this global problem we need a global solution. Each and every one of us needs to be part of the solution by taking our own personal action.  The world can only change when we change ourselves. If everyone does his or her part, together we can accomplish our common dream, which is a better and peaceful world in which all humankind can live in peace and harmony along with nature and all other living beings.

Our world is continuously changing, and in this changing world, we cannot remain as we are, nor can we go back to conditions that are now behind us. We can only move forward, but not on the same path which has been leading us into war, conflict, violence, hunger, discrimination, poverty, disrespect, hate and all the other negative elements. We should not go on living in crisis and conflict. The world need not remain violent and economically, socially and ecologically unsustainable. We can progress towards harmony, cooperation, livable communities, and a value system that nourishes and sustains us and all things that live on this Earth. For this to happen we need to follow the Golden Rule as a pathway to peace—a path which lead as from war to peace, from killing each other to co-existence, from disrespect to honoring each other, from hate to love, from despair to hope, from darkness to light, from being selfish to living for the sake of others and from revenge to forgiveness.

The Golden Rule is a universal principle that says, "Treat others the way you want to be treated."  The message of the Golden Rule is simple, universal and powerful and is the most prevalent and universal moral principle in human history.  It has been affirmed by many religions, traditions, indigenous cultures and secular philosophies as a fundamental principle of life and the foundation upon which the base of a global ethic is found.

The Golden Rule is not just a moral ideal for relationships between people but also for relationships among nations, cultures, races, sexes, economies and religions. Clearly, the Golden Rule has the capacity to be the ethical cornerstone in developing a global ethic as the human family works together to build a peaceful, just and sustainable global society.

As a result of broad-based immigration patterns in recent decades, humanity is moving toward a global society with interaction among peoples in every conceivable way - economic, political, social, ethnic, cultural, technological, and religious. Our shrinking "global village" is evolving into a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious society. Indeed, we are witnessing the emergence of a global consciousness. An increasing number of people are coming to see themselves as members of one family in an interdependent universe.

The Golden Rule, with roots in a wide range of world cultures, is well suited to become a standard to which different cultures could appeal in resolving conflicts. As the world develops toward a single interactive global community, the need for such a common standard is becoming more urgent and is endorsed by all of the great world religions.

Therefore, it is a high time for all of us, as citizens of this planet, to live with a sense of universal responsibility, identifying ourselves with all living beings and Mother Earth. Every one of us shares responsibility for the present and future well-being of all life on Earth. As much as we claim our right, we need also to bear in mind our personal responsibility. We must recognize that in the midst of magnificent diversity of cultures, religions, ethnicities and race we are part of one human family with a common destiny.

Hence, we must join hands together, now more than ever, to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on a Global Ethic based on the teaching of the Golden Rule. To reflect on the Golden Rule is to reflect from the perspective of universal wisdom and a Global Ethic.



  • To promote constructive dialogue in all sectors of European society through the teaching of the Golden Rule
  • To promote peaceful coexistence between different religions, cultures, and ethnicities
  • To enhance existing Cooperation Circles (CCs) of the  United Religions Initiative (URI) in Europe and to establish new ones
  • To bring different stakeholders in peace building together to form partnerships with URI  groups in Europe
  • To encourage European countries to endorse the Golden Rule Day Proclamation
  • To establish Golden Rule Clubs and Peace Clubs in schools and to introduce the idea of peace education as part of the curriculum in Europe.
  • To enhance the inner peace process in each individual because everybody plays a part in the greater game of world peace and the climate on earth.



European countries will develop policies and behavior patterns that give evidence that they have moved further toward inter-cultural and inter-religious coexistence.

Significant numbers of organizations and groups in all sectors of  European society will commit to practicing The Golden Rule as a guiding principle in human relationships.

New partnerships will be established between governments, civil societies and URI in the areas of peace building, interfaith harmony and cooperative coexistence.

Existing URI CCs will be strengthened in their ability to achieve URI’s purpose and new CCs are established

More countries in Europe will endorse “The Golden Rule Day Proclamation” and will become part of this global initiative.

Partnerships will be strengthened between URI Europe and URI Africa based on the deepening of people-to-people relationships and a new chapter of healing and reconciliation will take place

Schoolchildren will learn about the Golden Rule through Golden Rule Clubs and Peace Clubs.

More people will connect to their inner self and will receive tools to help them keep their inner peace so that this inner personal peace will expand in time to their family, environment, society, the world and the Earth.



We will identify partner organizations to support this initiative.  We will invite Various organisations in different countries in Europe to host seminars and workshops on the Golden Rule. 

We will invite organizations representing the European Union civil society sector to join hands in this endeavor in order to provide support in helping these groups engage in inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue. 

A Golden Rule poster and a “Personal Pledge for Peace and Nonviolence” will be published in different languages and used on the tour. 

Media outlets along the tour route will be contacted to promote this initiative. Schools and universities will be contacted and participation of teachers and students will be encouraged.

We can offer to give talks or hold workshops regarding the golden rule and can take references in the relevant subject -. Conflict resolution, compassion, climate, what kind of society are we creating for our children, inter cultural and inter religious bridge building and dialog, how to implement the golden rule in daily life.

We are also able to offer talks or interactive workshops like “can infinite tai chi/ chi kung help you deepening your own faith?”, this can take place inside or in a park outside.

Universal love/compassion meditation – healing workshop

We also would like to encourage and take part in inter cultural/inter religious events with music, dances, art and sharing of skills and meals together.

For events of this kind; we can offer the spiritual art of infinite tai chi performance, heart meditation for world peace, speeches on why we need the golden rule and practical approaches to apply the golden rule in daily life.