URI 10th Anniversary Celebrations: Nepal

29 June 2010
A man holding a bowl of flower and smiling

To celebrate URI's 10th Anniversary, URI Youth Ambassador Sushil Koirala and CCs in the Nepal area held two events.

On the eve of the celebration, June 25th, the group assembled lit several hundred lights on the main street in Nepalganj. They carried slogan for "Peace," "Reconciliation," "Let's Go Green," and "Constitution," signifying their desire for peace and a new Nepalese Constitution in the coming decade. "URI" was also formed with the lights. Then, they prayed for peace, chanting and shouting loudly, calling for peace in Nepal. According to Sushil, "It was a wonderful evening."

On the day of the celebration, a grand tea party was organized, and many influential people attended, representing many major organizations. They signed and petitioned for peace in Nepal and for peace and harmony among people of various religious faiths. Participants exchange roses with one another, shook hands and wished one another peace.

The celebration in Nepal was a truly amazing time.