Bridging Cultures and Faiths with Music

5 October 2010
an audience listening  to the speaker

On the evening of June 26, 2010, people of all kinds braved a heavy downpour in West Bengal, India for a quiz put on by Ektaan Cooperation Circle. Led by one of the area’s most renowned quiz masters, the event was a celebration of URI’s 10th anniversary and an opportunity to break down religious and caste barriers in this starkly divided society. Ektaan, whose name means “one tone” in Bengali, uses music and art as a vehicle for bridging cultures and faiths. It records music; hosts interfaith and intercultural concerts; sponsors youth health camps and computer trainings; and runs a “Journeys for Peace” program to help rural communities preserve their traditional festivals. Ektaan’s latest CD is a collection of songs by renowned Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore, released during an International Day of Peace celebration it organized with five other CCs in the area. Click here to listen to Ektaan’s music.